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Default Re: Celebrity vs RCI

Guess it is diferent strokes for different folks...
We enjoy both but there is really no way to compare the Celebrity ambiance & extras to Royal.(It is nice to have that sorbet poolside & the cool towels coming back from port) Royal ships are lighter & brighter , have more going on at times (the horse races are fun!) & are more casual; but they do attract many families & many children running around the ship unsupervised can really be annoying. Celeb has consistently better food (quality, presentation & service) and we find the guests are a bit more homogenous although international . Royal is now catering to a different market.--lots of Rap music & Salsa & geared to a younger crowd...maybe Carnival cruisers who now have moved on to families.... Nothing wrong with that--just all depends on what you are looking for on a particular vacation & it does not always have to be the same thing! Different ships & itins are fun to try--Hope this helps you make a choice you will enjoy! Both will offer a fun vacation.
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