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Default Re: Celebrity vs RCI

I agree with most of the posts. I have sailed 3 times: RCI (Enchantment of the SEas), Princess (Star), and most recently Celebrity (Horizon). I LOVED the Enchantment of the seas as she was an absolultely beautiful ship...and that was BEFORE they rehab'd her. Lots of kids tho and I can't blame the cruise line for unsupervised kids...but that's what it seemed to be. Princess was nice, but not as nice as I had expected. (that was an Alaska cruise so there weren't too many unruly kids on that one). We just came back from Celebrity to Bermuda out of PHiladelphia. Although the Horizon is older (and will be retired as of October), I can honestly say I prefer Celebrity. There were a few children on this cruise, but I will tell you, they were not unruly at all. THey had a program for the kids and from what I could see, they seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps less "glitz" and "things to break and play with" is the key? Celebrity simply had some staff members playing games with the kids and teaching them songs, etc. Quality time perhaps??? THe staff was wonderful at all times, and I just felt as though we were treated first class all the way. We were not in a suite, but we were in concierge class however we had friends staying in regular staterooms and they were treated just the same. Definately a cruise line with class and style! I can't wait for my next Celebrity Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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