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I think you are living in a delusional world if you believe that those who dress formally don't also save seats, smoke in nonsmoking sections, get drunk, etc. Go to the show lounge on any formal night and you will see just as many in gowns and tuxes saving entire rows of seats as you will in less formal attire.

I have read over and over again on these boards that 99% of the people follow the dress code on formal night (although from my experience it is far less than that). If this is true, then by your theory there would be very little chair saving, non-tipping, and inappropriate smoking going on because formal dressers are above those things. If it were just the 1% of casual dressers displaying these rude and inapproriate behaviors, as you suggest, then there would hardly be enough material to supply the pages and pages of posts related to these topics.

And the only environment that the cruiseline is trying to maintain is one that sells lots of photos on formal night. You're kidding yourself if you believe that the cruiseline cares about anything else. As I said before, what I wear is between me and the cruiseline and they seem to have accepted my attire just fine.
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