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Default Re: Dress code questions

I just returned from a cruise on the Zenith last Saturday morning from Bermuda. Initially, I had the same concerns as you regarding the dress codes and I can tell you that during the day, you can get away with wearing just about anything. Black slacks and a red sweater would be acceptible for the informal nights, my wife wore a similar setup (black slacks and a blouse because we were in a warmer climate) and noone said a word, I wore khaki pants and a jacket over a button down shirt for the informal, for the formal, I wore a black suit and the rest of the time was just khakis and golf shirts or button downs. I did see them turning some people away from the evening events because they were not properly attired, I guess they are just trying to preserve the "classy atmosphere" of cruising with celebrity. I don't like to dress up often, but after the first night, I preferred it because it seemed 95% of the guests were all in accordance with the code and I hate to stick out.... (you'd be suprised how much of a dirtbag a guy in shorts and flip flops looks like when he is surrounded by people in their formalwear).....

Also, it seemed as if the code was a little more lenient when it came to the women....

Hope this helped...
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