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Default Re: Dress code questions

Author: Felicia_underscore-dash (
Date: 08-28-05 18:31

I suppose we should all retroactively condemn Jerry Sienfeld for the "Soup Nazi" episode on his show...or is that OK since he is rich and Jewish? That term is used all the time and the only time I hear complaints about it is when someone has no other argument


I do see the term used on the message boards on occassion, and it's WRONG. Call em fashion police if you simply have to find derogatory terms to make your arguement.

Using the term Nazi in such "little" discussions only trivializes the term and all the events associated with it. Thinking that dress code discussions even comes close to being a serious issue is absurb!

And trying to validate it's use because Jerry Steinfeld once demonstrated the same bad taste to use it is rather feeble.

In my post I didn't even give my opinion on whether dress codes are good are not.. but I will REPEAT!
Complain all you want about people's opinions. Call them names (especially using terms like this) shows very little imagination in making an arguement

Which ever side of the arguement anyone happens to fall on in the ever lasting dress code discussions, no one should be attempting to put down those who disagree with them.

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