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Default Re: Infinity/Millennium switch for South America

Hi, Yannis and Cruznut...
Did the maths here....I think Mr Hanranan's statement to the press that '' all itineraries in each region are unchanged'' is misleading, perhaps ill-advised as it does not refer to ALL the facts....
While 24thDecember05 is a logical swap date ( Milly in from 6 day Eastern Carib sailing and Infinity just in from the Pacific coast, let's fastforward to 19th March'06...
Milly is in Valparaiso readyfor 14 day sailing to FortLauderdale, and Infinity just in from a 7 days Eastern Carib voyage, HEADS OFF TO DRYDOCK.;;;the 19th&26thMarch Western //Eastern Carib sailings HAVE NO SHIP TO SAIL THEM.......!!!!!!!!
Now, let's move to 2nd April: with Infinity still drydocked till 6thApril, one of 2 things will happen:
A/ Milly keeps ''swapping'',goes to SanFransisco on 15 day trans-panama, does 2 Mexican Riviera, and on to Alaska....The Rest of the Carribean schedule prior to 23April transat is '' amended ', but TO WHAT ???? (Infinity covers that....) OR
B/ Milly reverts to '' original'' schedule and does 2 '' eastern // Western Caribean'' cycles prior to 23rd April transat....2nd april transpanama sailing and 17th April Mexican Riviera SanFransisco round trip are '' amended ''...but TO WHAT ???? ( Infinity covers that....)

To all guests affected by this scenario ( among them, 4 of us, as well as quite a few cruisemates...) Celebrity owes it to drop the other shoe quickly. I'm positive all the Celebrity folks in the planning department already figured out what a layman like me spotted in minutes....

Does anybody has another perspective on this ??? Am I missing something here ???
I could be way off base....
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