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Default Secret Cabin #1 and #2

CruisinTommy and I got a Carnival Category 4A that was HUGE because it was a handicapped accessible cabin. We booked a 4A guarantee and the cabin # ended in-99 but was not in numerical order and had a red door when all the others had blue or whatever color. It was MUCH wider and the shower was much bigger with a bench and stuff. If you look at the deck plans on Fantasy Class ships for carnival you can find them and you can get about 4 feet wider cabin for the same price if they are not needed by a person with disabilites of course.

On Conquest Class ships on Carnival, there are some Category 8 (normal balcony) cabins with EXTRA long balconies--like twice as long. They are toward the bow or the stern, I forgot which but again if you look on the deck plans you can see this normal sized cabin with a verrrry long balcony.

Anyone know any special cabins on the HAL ZAAndam class?
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