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Please if you are driving or flying to get a ship please, please try to arrive a day early and stay in the area.
We drove from Mass. in 3 cars all leaving a different time.
Shannon and Steve arrived first and found no rooms for under $200 (Dayton 500 weekend) spent the first night in the car.
(Me) Linda and Martin spent the night in a $39 hotel that was charging $89.
Kelly and Jay stayed with sister 2 hrs away from Ft. Launderdale.

Shannon and Steve found a hotel Saturday night in Ft. L for $104 and Linda and Martin joined them and spent the day relaxing and getting ready for a nice trip.

Kelly and Jay left her sister Sunday morning to meet with the others at there hotel and go to the ship together.

We checkout of our rooms and are sitting by the pool relaxing, cell phone rings. Kellys car broke down on the highway 1 and 1/2 hours away. Now the fun begins. They call road service. Help is coming. They get the car to start again drive a little way and stops again. Contuned to do this until they make it to an exit. They get to a repair station and plan to leave it and get to the ship. We empty one of our cars out to fit all of them in and plan to go get them. But time is closing in on us. We might not be able to go get them and get back on time.
While stand at the repair station Kelly is trying to find a cab or limo (6 people in her van)to take them to the port. No cab could fit 6 and limos not available. Now we figure we will have to go get them. When a nice lady who was buying tires hears about the
problem and offers to go home and get her van and drive them to the port. 15 minutes later her husband comes back with the van and brings them to the dock. Joe saves the day.
Goes to show you that there are nice people in the world.
Problem was a fuel pump.......$800 and a week later it was fixed.
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