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Well, our experience was different. This is all obviously very subjective. My wife and I enjoyed the cruise, and would do another Costa cruise. Some people think the decor is "over the top." We - as well as many others - loved it. The only complaint we had about the meat was their lack of fish selections for Xmas Eve and Xmas day. Aside from that, we thought the food was very good.

Someone here said something to the effect that "I want an Italian's opinion of the food, not what an American thinks Italian food is." That comment is right on. My wife's parents came to America from Italy in the 60s; they ARE Italian. They have a place in Italy where we go visit friends and family at least once a year. We know the food well; we also know their culture well. My wife is fluent in Italian, and she spent every summer as a kid there. The food is Italian - and not just *OUR* version of Italian. So, yes, the food is different, and I can see how it may not be of the liking of some Americans; but to say that the food was "horrible" is (again, my opinion) an exaggeration, and unfair to them.

Going on a Italian cruise ship and complaining about the food and staff attitude is equal to going to France (or any foreign country) and complaining about the lack of McDonalds and the fact that they don't speak English.

We can go around in circles for ever on this issue. It's all what you make of it. Like I said, my wife and I enjoyed it.
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