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Tom F
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Juan, once again the food was terrible, Italian or not. Try the appetizer, veal with tuna sauce. My dog would run from this. I tried it I almost vomitted. The food came out cold, every dish all the time. The steak was like rubber. Did you try the steak, Italian or not, the quality of the meat was horendous. The lobster tails were DRY as could be, did you try them. Do Italians like dry lobster tails. Do you like pizza with no flavor. I live in NY, home of the best pizzarias, I have never tasted pizza like that. It was okay but no flavor. Did you try the pizza.
Lets even go to the ice cream on board, the soft serve. Do the Italians like wated down almost ice milk. It was horendous.
Juan, once again, I and everyone I was with and talked to said the same thing.

Also, be carefull to anyone that is going on this cruise. The Italians and Europeans on board do NOT believe in lines. They will knock you over to get in front of you.

How in your right mind can you recommend this cruise to anyone. It was the PITS
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