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Default Re: Re: Re: Formal attire for gentlemen

Thanks to all that have replied! I realize that people tend to be a bit more casual today but there is nothing appealing about men in T-shirts at formal dinners. Tom F, I have read your recent notes and am a bit concerned. I am sailing on the Atlantica on Jan 25/04. I agree with you that Europeans are rude and pushy...guess I'll have to push back for my lounger on deck! I am disappointed about your opinion of the day at Catalina Island as I was hoping this would be the highlight of the cruise. There must have been at least one pleasurable excursion or event you participated in. I would be interested in knowing what port you had the most fun in and why. Also, was there a Toga night onboard and did you participate? I would be interested in hearing more from those who recently sailed on the Atlantica. Please share your "best adventure" or onboard event with us! Thanks!
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