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TNT: The best port I would say was Puerto Rico. Old San Juan was great. I was there a day before the boat due to the screwed up airline tickets. There was a great Jazz restaurant, owner and two other members played some great jazz. Food was great. This was at christmas time and there were many children singing, just wonderfull.

St Thomas, enjoyed this very much. There were four of us. We met a open taxi driver who took us for $20 each to the top of the mountain and toured the beaches etc. Man was friendly and informative. Best tour. Would stay away from the exursion on this one. The merchants were a bit pushy. All selling the same thing.

And Nassau, we took the local water taxi to Paradise Island, $3.00 each way, was alot of fun. A real local way to travel. Had a Bahama Momma on the pier on the Paradise Island side, was great.

Island Catalina: The water was great. The beach was overcrowded. Too much for me. Also watch the beach chairs they bring to you. Many of them were broken. They give you a BBQ lunch on the Island. It was okay. Chicken was undercooked along with the hamburger. The lines to get the food was long and horrible, and you have to be on high alert for the European line cutter on this one. One thing I did enjoy. Go towards the locals gift shops. There are a couple of Dominican Woman who have a refreshment
stand. Ice cold presidente beer for $2 bucks a pop, listen to the Salsa music and sit at the picnic table they have there. It was alot of fun. They also have non alcoholic drinks available. The gift shops are going to push you on the Cuban cigars here. And they dont like to take no for an answer. This Island would have been great if they just spaced out all the people on the beach. We really were on top of each other.

Formal Night: I did not opt for a Tuxedo, risked wearing a dark suit. Thought I would look out of place. Well I was about one of the best dressed in the room. And yes, there were many wearing T-shirts. I think they should enforce a dress code on the formal nights. And only a handfull wearing tuxedos.

Toga night: I did not participate, but many in my group did. They had fun. Did not notice that many participating in the toga.

Another thing, maybe being a Christmas cruise. There were many children on board this ship that were totally unsupervised and not behaving well. No supervision . There were children playing slot machines in the casino as young as 14. I was a bit taken back. Children sunning through the disco.
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