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TNT: The name of the Jazz restaurant in Old San Juan is Carli's. I have a postcard. They are located in Plazoleta Rafael Carrion Banco Popular. It is in the banco Popular building. The phone number is 787-725-4927 and you can email them at I had a great meal and listened to some great jazz. You will love it.
As for Rum. The best buys on rum is in St. Thomas. The best buys on anything are in St. Thomas for that matter. There is a duty free shop when you get off the boat, right on the pier in Puerto Rico. They were reasonable as well. Nassau was expensive. If you remember, bring your own booze and soft drinks. Plenty of people in my party took their own booze which they had cocktail parties in their cabins. And when I was in St. Thomas I loaded up on both.
As for tips. Costa says to tip the waiter $3.00 per day. The assistant waiter $1.50 per day. The maitre D'hotel $1.00 per day. And the cabin steward $3.00 per day. They do not as they state take it out of your account. You will pay this cash in envelopes on the last day. I gave the steward a more generous tip, he was the nicest person on the boat and really took care of us. The waiter was okay. The Maitre D was lucky he got a nickle. but he got his $1.00 per day. And that is per person, if you have children they expect you to tip the same for them. I normally tip much more. And I did not leave anything else for the steward. I am sure it owuld work though. He who gives, gets.
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