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tom f
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Default I almost forgot this one

This bad dream called the Costa cruise keeps coming back to me. Now, anyone on this Christmas cruise. Did anyone attend the midnight mass. I did. And it was a DISGRACE. I dont know if the man on the make shift altar was a priest, but he was highly intoxicated. It was an embarasement. I have never seen such a spectacle. The mass lasted over and hour and a half. I really hope i am wrong, I found the man saying the mass, and I do hope he is not a priest, was hitting the wine bottles. The man was incoherant and it took him over an hour for the sign of peace. Once again never seen anything like this.

And PLEASE people. If you are considering this cruise, or any cruise with Costa, RETHINK now, befor you throw your money into the sea. This really is a disorganized ship from top to bottom. The food, i dont care what you want to call it, Italian, not the American italian, or what, was the pits. I really would have traded anything on the menu in the dining room for a number one at McDonalds, it was that bad. And I hate McDonalds. It was food that should have really been placed into the garbage. I kid you not. i only wish I would have paid attention to the reviews before I boarded this boat. i thought they were a little over belief. Was I wrong, it was ten times worse then I expected. So RE-THINK, there are many other cruise lines out there that appreciate your business. You dont need what awaits you on your next trip with costa. Rude crew passengers and HORRIBLE food, all by a company that could give a *edited*.
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