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Tom, that's funny. Isn't it strange that a writer of "nice" things about a "nice" cruise line is writing to tell you stuff it?

This board really is quite funny. I'm sorry it's at your expense (literally and figuratively).

It's interesting to me how the writers on these boards who are arguing for "fun" and a "great time" are turning into an angry mob about to stone you. I wonder just how generous they would be if any of these things had happened to them, or how well they would have coped on board after being cheated out of thousands of dollars worth of vacation time.

Their mob mentality is well suited for the Costa experience, I'd say. It sounds like you just have higher standards, and I think that you should stick to them. If everyone just rolled over the world would become an ugly place. Good for you for exercising your right to speak and share your opinion, and good for you for not letting them bully you.

Don't let them get to you. They have no basis for their objections. They just aren't able to handle your strength of feeling.
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