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Default Re: I almost forgot this one

I have to agree with Tom. We were on the Christmas Costa Atlantica cruise (Dec 22nd 2003) and we found it a disgrace from start to finish.

No organisation at all throughout the entire was a fiasco! Staff were rude and didnt have a clue what was going on...and most did NOT understand English at all.

People were flouting the no smoking areas regularily, even smoking cigars in the lifts...disgusting. We even saw staff smoking by the lifts outside the Boticelli restaurant.

Guests were treated with utter contempt by the staff. Tickets for excursions didn't turn up...bookings in the drop off box were just ignored, so guests didnt even know if they were booked onto the excursions or not. Excursion times were published incorrectly on the daily information magazines, so our excursion gropu were told our excursion started at 7.30AM in the Caruso Theatre, only to be told when we got there that they had published the wrong time and we didnt leave until 11.oo AM. What a joke! Again, we received no apology or explanation, which was a typical theme throughout our entire cruise.

The service in the restaurant on the first night was so bad we asked to be moved. Our waiter disappeared for so long without even bringing our courses! Each meal arrived at different times and then he didn't even have the courtesy to tell us that what we ordered was unavailable, he just left us sitting there wondering what on earth was going on for over an hour! It took us 3 hours to get just 2 courses....what a fiasco. Again when we complained we got no apology, infact he just walked off. The food was abysmal and no where near the quality you expect. However, there were some saving graces - the pasta dishes were usually worth a look in and the pizza in the boticelli restaurant was lovely.

From start to finish the cruise was full of disasters...only accountable to the incompetences of the staff and costa cruise line. Any attempt at complaining was fruitless and entailed queing for a couple of hours in the VERY long line of guests who were complaining.

I have to say the general consensus of everyone we spoke to on the ship, was how terrible it was and that they would never ever be cruising costa again. I know we wont be.

So I fully support Tom in his comments, and I think that he has made some very valid points, which I and the rest of my group (there were 6 of us) wholeheartedly agree with.
I think that all of you people who are showing no sympathy to the poor guy, should take a look at the facts and stop condemning the man. He and his family missed the start of his cruise through no fault of his own. He was taking a flight that COSTA booked him on and assured him that they regularily book people on that flight, and that he would make the ship in time! Then when he didn't, surprise surprise, they didn't want to know. That is so typical of Costa. They didnt' even have the decency to get a message to his family! How would you all feel if that happened to you?? I'm sure you'd be making the same comments that Tom is give the guy a break, he's entitled to his thoughts, as it seems that they are deserved and fair given the circumstances.

Everyones entitiled to their opinions.

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