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Default *mediterannea to eastern med

Brian J-
I logged onto this board looking for information after sailing on the Mediterranea last month. I had a fair time, but I think that I would choose another cruise line next time.
You wrote this: "I've heard many complaints from people regarding the food, the service and the fellow passengers. It's probably no different than people I know that have gone to Europe and complained that the food in Italy isn't like it is at Olive Garden, that the service in Spain is slow and disorganized, and that the French are rude and unfriendly.
And then you wrote: "If you want Italian food like they have at Olive Garden, don't go to Italy or go on an Italian cruise line. They do not eat what we eat!"
My question for you is this: what makes you think that the complaints were from people expecting food (slop) from the Olive Garden? I find that insulting. We don't all eat slop and we aren't all idiots. For every uncultured uneducated american who eats slop there is one who likes real food. Why insult us all?
Why bring bad feeling to such a nice group of people?
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