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Default Re: Re: *mediterannea to eastern med

I don’t feel Brian is insulting anybody referring to Olive Garden food.
In my opinion he refers to Olive Garden as an example of a well known chain of Italian restaurants.
I’m Italian used to travel a lot both on business and holydays, and I’ve been to all Continents.
I tried sometimes Italian Restaurants abroad and, although food has improved in the last years, I found real Italian food only very few times, and, strange enough, Italian cuisine closest to what it should be… in Japan only.
My suggestion is go with an open mind and do not expect anything (from staff to fellow passengers and food) to be American style: If you like to be in contact with different ways of life, mentality, habits and food you will not be disappointed on Costa.
BTW always consider that you are among other 2000+ people and this affects everything (form catering to service), in some way.
My experience is that best service and food is to be found in small hotels and restaurants rather than in big hotels and resorts, and a cruise ship, unless you go to small ships “yacht style” and pay for it, is exactly a big resort rather than a small hideaway hotel.
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