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Default Re: costa fortuna nightmare

I'm sailing the Mediterranea on March7th. I booked quite a while back and, although I wish I'd checked this message board BEFORE booking, I'm hopeful that, given the more recent sailings' positive reviews, we'll have a great time anyway.

I think it's very useful to have a place like this to express opinions. The great thing about opinions is that you can choose to listen to them, or not. People should be encouraged to speak about their experiences and not be personally attacked when they do.

I can see that Tom F's opinions about his cruise are very strong. Considering his was not the only negative review, I believe there is very likely a lot of merit in his opinion. I also recognize that perhaps his experience may have been far worse than it was for the average Costa passenger.

While Tom F has been very forceful in his statements, he does not seem to become insulting with fellow posters until they have become insulting with him. Why are so many of you making this into something personal? If you find his postings unpleasant, don't read them. I, for one, appreciate hearing everything, good and bad...I give it the weight I think it deserves and then make up my mind. You can take or leave the message...why shoot the messenger?

Visiting this message board would be a lot more pleasant for all if it didn't include that "mean" streak. I'd like to get the info without feeling I'd just witnessed a fight.

Hope this board gets friendlier real soon.

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