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Default Re: I almost forgot this one

Tom.. Just curious... Have you addressed your concerns to the cruise line?

There was a post just this week on the Carnival message board, where due to error on the part of Carnival ,a couple missed their flight booked with Carnival. They didn't even get to go on their cruise, because no one from Carnival was available to help them with alternate arrangements.

However, in that case, the people wrote a well thought out letter to the "right people" at Carnival, and working with their travel agent, found what they felt was fair compensation from the cruise line.

Perhaps you should think of contacting your travel agent as well, and take your grievances to those in charge at Costa!

Aside from all the rants, I honestly do think you have some legitimate complaints, where an approach with a more restrained tone could lead to them trying to making amends.

,,, and BTW.. U didn't forget. We've heard the priest story before <G>

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