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Larry T
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Default Costa Mediterranea

A few final points of view. Am back to work now and looking forward to my next years cruise? As far as Costa is concerned, the price I paid in exchange for what I got was fantastic. I will be price checking again soon for my next cruise and Costa Med. will be my first choice. Not that I am cheep but price is a factor for me like many other people and I think that Costa was the most for the least. That being said I did not feel like this was a budget cruise, quite the opposite. I just hope the level of service; quality of food and the extremely clean surroundings can be continued at these prices.

I especially enjoyed the fact that the crew was equally capable of dealing with the international crowd on board speaking in several languages. My hat is off to all of the staff and crew on board. As an American, in a people business I know how hard it can be sometimes dealing with the public in just one language but five or six?

If you have the patience to attend a lifeboat drill, or the opening of your evening entertainment in five languages or so - Cruise Costa. I hope that you will appreciate just how hard and how well these people work so that you will have a great trip! L.
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