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Todd Palino
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Default Re: Re: Costa - Is the food THAT bad ?

It took you 9 trips to get to that?

As a little balance, I cruised the Med in the Med in October. The dining room service was attentive, and accommodating. There were a couple dishes that weren't very good. One my waiter warned me on before I ordered it (since he knew from the first seating, so I didn't order it). The second was the lobster for the formal night, that was overcooked. Out of a week's worth of meals, I don't consider that to be bad at all. I never had a problem with the pasta, but then again I didn't *eat* that much pasta. There were too many other choices.

Buffet was decent. The variety was nice, the pizza was always excellent. The buffet was definitly below the quality of the dining room, but that's to be expected. It was still good food. I didn't try the grill at all while we were there, and we never made it to a midnight buffet. We did try Club Medusa, the private dining restaurant, and it was well worth the price.

My take is that I did not pay a lot for the cruise, so I did not expect 5 star dining. I also knew I was cruising a European line in Europe (yeah, I know it's owned by Carnival. Doesn't matter), and that the food was not going to be what I expected in the States. It comes down to that if you're looking for trouble, you'll always find it, regardless of what cruise you're on. Keep an open mind, and you'll have a great time.
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