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Carol Hamilton
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Default Re: Costa - Is the food THAT bad ?

We sailed on the Atlantica in late November and the food was very good. I love pasta and the first night out I ordered spaghetti with tomato/basil sauce. The only problem was they had no Basil! It was very good otherwise. I thought it was quite funny as it was embarkation day and things happen.We joked about it all week with our waiter. We found the dining room for breakfast was not up to par (food cold and service cold) but we only tried in one time. The rest we ate at the buffets and it was great.
Lunches were very good with lots of variety but it's best to get there fairley early..before 1:30PM
We also ate at the Club Atlantica one night and it was worth the surcharge. Service was good and it's less hectic.
We had late dining and overall the food was very good. Only once did I not enjoy my meal but maybe I ordered the wrong thing.But there was still enough to fill me up. I feel they need a little help with their salads but we were on the 2nd Aorth American sailing so maybe they have improved. Europeans are not into salads as we Canadians are.

Overall, I'm sure you will enjoy the food as there sure is plenty. If you've sailed before on
other cruise lines you may notice a difference since Carnival is now the boss.

Enjoy your cruise and please let me know about it. Email me at

Carol Hamilton
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