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Default Re: Re: Costa - Is the food THAT bad ?

I just posted this yesterday, BTW, what is wrong with "foreigners", have you never traveled outside of the US where we are "foreigners"?

The following posting was taken from a Celebrity cruise:

Just off Summit, It needs some fixing!


Just off Summit 9 night cruise 1-07 and must say after 13 X cruises I hope this was just a bad week for the crew. I have never heard "NO" so many times in a cruise. It seemed the crew was nasty and didn't want to please you. Our cabin steward was great but the buffet area and service is a complete joke! The ship is in need for a dry dock. The pool area is getting old. Tiles all out of pool. The common areas were messy, napkins, paper straws laying all over. Carpets in rooms were worn. This is the 1st time we have not book another trip while on board! I wrote a note to the hotel director telling him about a few service issues and they told me this is because of new employees, RCCL employees. Are you kidding me? What kind of answer is that. I heard many other long time X fans with the same complaints. I hope they get it fixed and fixed fast!

POINT can happen in the best of families. Future Costa cruisers, take heart you will have a grand time!
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