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Chris Owen
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Default Re: Casino - chips and tokens?

I've got a better idea Lynn-

I think I should just be able to give all my money to the casino manager when I get on board and be able to play my choice of slot machine for 7 days. It would be so much easier that way. I never bring any money home anyway, I just like to play! And since you jinxed me the other day I have no hope of winning so why not?

Well and since you opened the door wide open for questions and stuff , consider this...

We Ocean Players Club members (we have regional meetings) wish there were different "levels" of membership. Not based on how much you ....but your gambling skill level. If you had Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum I would be on the Aluminum level. But I love your casinos!

Happy Cruising

Chris LovesCarnivalMoreThanLifeItself Owen
(OPC Member)
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