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Wanda and Vonda, (y'all aren't twins are you?) We have cruised on the Tropicale twice in the last couple of years and there is nothing really wrong with the ship. The rooms are the same as on the newer CCL ships except that they have no balcony type cabins. The dining room IS smaller and has no huge windows like the Fantasy and Destiny Class but the woodwork is very nice and soothing and the food and service are wonderful. The Boiler Room, or Alt Dining isn't very large but the food is fine and you can still get pizza 24hrs. Everything about the ship is smaller than the others and not as modern but you should really enjoy yourselves, especially if this is your first cruise and you haven't the larger ships to compare it to and be spoiled by. I also understand that the Trop will be undergoing a refurbishing before then so the firnishings should all be new. I have a review posted in the CM Review area if you wish to take a look.

Photo is us with the Captian of the Tropicale

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