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Default Re: Cruising italian style!

Cara Orca (dear Orca),

You were doing very well with BUONGIORNO but then it all went wrong. unfortunately you have confused Italian with Spanish! Imagine if someone spoke to you in GERMAN because they confused it with English!

Fammi vedere la dolce vita - show me the sweet life.
Dov' la mia arogosta - where is my lobster
Vorrei avere un po' piu' aragosta _ I would like some more lobster
Dov' la mia birra - where is my beer
Dammi una doppia - give me a double
Grazie - Thank you
Arrivederci - See you again

Ciao is hello or good bye and 'eh' is a word in Italian. 'Eh' can be used in a variety of circumstances with or without shoulders, raised eyebrows or even a sly smile!

anyway you will find plenty of people who speak English who will be only too willing to help you have an excellent cruise

Take care
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