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Roger & Martin
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Default Re: COSTA MAGICA 05-15-05

Get ready to be disappointed...I just came back from their May 15th sail. Amazing how rude the employees could be. I felt like the european people in general were anti-american. People on the ship acted like disparate herds racing and pushing to get in front of the line (buffet, elevators, excursions, etc).

Don't bother getting off in TUNIS (not safe and very dirty).

Rome (OK)
Palermo (OK)
Malta (WOW)
Barcelona (WOW)
Savona (do the Portofino tour--WOW)
Palma de Mallorca (OK)--do the CAVE TOUR (WOW)

We spent 2 weeks in Europe (Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France). They worst people we had to deal with were the Italians, everyone else was nice if you knew how to deal with them.

INTERNET PEOPLE--you might be able to access some free internet at the ports using your wireless internet from your laptops.

TRAIN PEOPLE--beware of the train strikes in ITALY. they are famous for their strikes and abandoning everyone with tickets to deal with it. Also, a cheaper way to get from CITY/ROME to PORT is cheap by train ($13 each way).

Hope this helps
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