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Default Changes in Crystal's Brochure

I just received a brochure in the mail detailing changes in the World Cruise segments. In the regular brochure, the World Cruise is divided into four segments lasting anywhere from 24 to 28 days. Now, Crystal has subdivided each of those four segments, giving cruisers the chance to enjoy parts of the World Cruise without having to be gone for such a long time. Segment two, from Hong Kong to Dubai, has been divided into three parts---the full 25 day cruise, a 17 day cruise from Singapore to Dubai and an 8 day cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore for an incredible price of $3085 per person, not including any applicaple deductions, like Crystal Society. Segment 3 is alo divided into three new parts---the full 24 day cruise from Dubai to Cape Town, 15 days from Mombasa to Cape Town and 9 days from Dubai to Mombasa for a great price of $3170. Segment 4 includes the full 27 day cruise from Cape Town to London, 17 days from Cape Town to Tenerife, and 10 days from Tenerife to London for $3820. The prices are for Catagory E cabins and do not include airfare. But personally, I think some of the prices are incredible. I just wonder why Crystal changed the cruises from the original brochure? Perhaps there's not as much interest in the World Cruise this year.
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