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Default Re: Re: Crystal Harmony Alaska 8/4/02

Travel Blond.........:>)! Thank you, thank you for taking the time to send your wonderful post!!!!!!!! Your enthusiam just burst from the page! Just what I was so hoping to we are spending a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ for this adventure flying from the North East etc. etc. My husband and I hate buffets .lol . we have five sons's like a buffet every night! We did the same as you on our Radisson cruises and lunched in the dining room, always seated by the windows with a glorous view and a relaxed meal.
Would love to know about many formal nights? Is velvet OK in August?
Sounds like the Harmony is very formal.........My Tahiti & Med. Formal won't work for sure.
Will there really be time for the Computer University? I sure have a lot to learn but can't imagine my face in a computer while cruising on the Harmony through Alaska.
I appreciate the input on dinner in the Kyoto.......that was great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are the seas? Does it get rough crossing in the Pacific? Seabands/patches etc. did you need?????????????
What are the best lounges and shows? Is there a nice quiet lounge for cocktails before dinner and after? Anything else you can add would be so much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again! MJ
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