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Default Re: Crystal Harmony Alaska 8/4/02

We have only sailed Crystal once and it was the Harmony on a glorious voyage from San Francisco to Sydney for the Olympics. Being a theme cruise they had former gold medal winners on board who shared stories with us. It was an experience to be with Nadia Cominici and her husband Bart Conner in addition to many others.

The Harmony has the Palm Court that the Symphony does not have and that was a mistake with the newer ship (Symphony) that many mentioned. I am not one for afternoon tea but it is done so elegantly that I caught a number of them. Especially, don't miss the Beethoven tea where the formal attire of the wait staff turns into period costuming.

Another facet about Crystal is that one can order items not on the menu. Sometimes you won't get it until the following night but it's amazing what they must have in storage on board. Toward the end of our 20 day cruise the head waiter asked if we would like anything special. After endless nights of gourmet food, one of the people at our table said he'd like some Southern Fried Chicken. We all said that sounded good to us. You wouldn't believe the endless platters of the best tasting chicken we ever had.

Crystal by far is the best cruise line we've ever been on and we've taken about 10 cruises. However, we need to find another bargain price before we go again since we can take two Princess or Celebrity cruises for the price of one Crystal and although we agree that quality is better than quantity it just doesn't cut it for us unless one of their value cruises has an itinerary that we like.
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