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tom johnson
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Dear Darbar and Nancy
Thank you both for some good advice. I would love to do the helocopter ride;however,I remember seeing a segment on 60 minutes about how dangerous they can be and have had personal loses on them. I think I shall try your other suggestions. I have been cruising solo for the last six years (mostly on Cunard) as they have single cabins. This will be my first Crystal experience and am really looking forward to it -albeit sans so many kids. I have taken an outside cabin on Crystal deck. I hope the view from this deck will be good.I realize it is the lowest passenger deck . It is also right next to the front desk. Can this area get too busy or loud?
I was wondering if it is true about ordering anything you like regardless of the menu. As a solo passenger, how do I make arrangements about eating in the alternative restaurants,i.e. do I have to arrange to hook up with new-found friends ,or will the maitre d' arrange for me to sit with others? You mentioned the nightlife, Is there a crowd on these Alaskan cruises? Are the prices for drinks comprable to other ships. I hear the bathtubs are rather small, the staff ,wonderful and the entire experience bound to spoil me for less elegant ships. Thanks again
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