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Default Is Crystal Changing Their Policy: Dress Code

I know that on ocassion, a Crystal rep looks at this board, so I want to address this to him/her, and also to anyone else who has an opinion on this matter.

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of mine and her husband went to a Crystal Cruise Line presentation in San Francisco. My friends are frequent Crystal cruisers and will be on the upcoming Serenity maiden voyage. At this presentation, the leader of the group clearly stated that Crystal is looking into changing their policy regarding dress codes. It was stated that not many men wear tuxes on a Crystal cruise (a blatant falsehood in my opinion---in my 12 Crystal cruises the tux count was well over 90%), that Crystal won't have many formal nights, they will be greatly reducing if not outright stopping informal nights in favor of more "smart casual" nights. If this is true, believe me, Crystal will be losing many of their loyal customers. With the casual troops having dozens of choices in cruising, those of us who want to continue the lovely ambience of formal and informal dining will only have Silversea and Seabourn to chose from. I realize that Crystal, along with most other cruise lines, are in a financial pinch, but changing their basic product to attract more customers will only alienate their core customers. If Crystal does decide to give up the style and elegance they are known for, what will make them different from Celebrity (with their re-branding and upgrading of their product), HAL and Radisson? Crystal will be nothing more than a very expensive mass-market line. Crystal has already started changing things by trying to attract families as evidenced by their "kids cruise free to Alaska" program, and now they appear to be trying to attract a whole new clientele. The "all casual" didn't work with the former Seabourn twins, and it won't work with Crystal. And if the powers that be at Crystal think this change will attract the Seabourn and Radisson devotees, think again. Those people cruise with those lines because of their all-inclusive policy and single seating dining. And you're not going to attract Princess, HAL or other cruise line passengers because Crystal's prices are so much higher than any of those lines. Please, Crystal, think twice before changing your product.

BTW, I keep in touch with many Crystal devotees on various travel boards, and they are all quite up in arms about this.
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