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Default Re: Is Crystal Changing Their Policy: Dress Code


Ever since ships went to formal dress on certain occassions only (unlike formal EVERY night), I think the writing has been on the wall. The cruiselines are not selling formality anymore; they are selling a vacation experience. I like to take my tux when I cruise. However, I am looking forward to my trip this week on the Diamond to see how I like a less formal cruise experience. I will be very disappointed if the attire is sloppy. I will feel more inclined to accept the change if pax are still "nicely" attired.

I will be taking my tux to the Med and thru the canal later this year because I stil do like the formality of the sea. I also like to dress up for land restaurants too. Hopefully, Crystal will truly listen to their pax. However, if they feel that they are losing more pax than they are gaining (e.g., the more formal pax might not leave since they have few options), I believe that Crystal too will, at least part of the time, go to a less formal environment.

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