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Default Re: This may be old news to some, but

While the incident cannot be overlooked, it is worth noting that Crystal has been very forthcoming about reporting it and assuming responsibility. As reported on the company site
It is Crystal Cruises' policy to not discharge in any marine sanctuary - worldwide. Crystal takes its obligations to preserving the environment very seriously and we have been lauded for our efforts. We have made it very clear to all personnel that any infractions of this policy, or any other environmental policies, will result in the immediate dismissal of those individuals involved.

As evidence of our environmental commitment, immediately following our own internal investigation of this matter, we terminated the Chief Officer, who was primarily responsible for the occurrence of this unfortunate incident. In addition, two other senior officers, including the Captain, and a junior officer, were censured and given final warnings. Additionally, we have reiterated to our crew that if laws or regulations are violated in connection with any such incident, Crystal Cruises will fully cooperate with investigating officials. As no laws or government regulations were violated in this incident, no reports of the discharges were made to authorities. However, as soon as the California State Water Resources Control Board requested information about our visit to Monterey, we supplied detailed information regarding our location and the cubic feet of wastewater regrettably released.
As far as I'm concerned, the line has satisfactorily made amends and deserves my support. Another thing to consider is the Monterey City Council's political bias. Permanently ban the Harmony? Are they trying to punish the ship or reprimand the line?


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