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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: Re: We paid our fare same as you!

Thank you Gary, on another board I am still being "hung , drawn and quartered " for writing my review on the segment of the Worl Cruise that I did. Some call me a liar (though they themselves were not on the cruise) and the latest is that I am "jealous because I cannot afford to cruise Crystal" - a remark that ignores the fact that I HAVE cruised Crystal 10 times!!!!.

Like you I found the staff on board the ship made it very clear that only the Full World Cruisers counted. The staff kept their "favourite" table in the bar "free " for them, in the dining room at breakfast I would wait and wait while no less than 4 waiters flitted around an Full World Cruiser who came to breakfast in her FLANNEL NIGHTWEAR.!!.then she would go out into the public area and fall asleep on the couch.

I have also been told that I am the "only person who doesn't like Crystal" . So why is Crystal having problems filling the 900 person ships, when other cruise lines are "sold out" ? Could it be that other passengers like me have decided not to pay 6 star prices for a 3 star cruise?
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