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Default Re: Just returned... Serenity in the Med

Hi Stacy,
Yours was a post I was just looking for! We are on this ship, departure August 6th (a week from tomorrow). We are going to be in Rome for 3 days prior to sailing.

l. What time can you actually board the ship? While we have done many cruises, Europe and elsewhere, never on Crystal. We like to board as early as possible, and have found the "boarding time" on other lines not accurate, ie. you can actually get on earlier.

2. "Hot" is relative. I just flew in to Michigan from our other home in South Carolina. It is routinely 90 plus lots of humidity, with heat indexes always in the 90's or even higher at this time of year. Your definition of the Mediterreanean being "hot."

3. Dress for women: Formal vs. Informal. Is there a great difference, what did you wear and find other women wearing?

4. Any port trip you would recommend? I rather prefer setting up my own, but this time I have not except for finding a private guide in Rome.

5. I have read some reviews of the dining experience-----many of them nothing to rave about, comments about the waiters dropping dishes, and the dining room being very very noisy. ????

6. How did you find the Fitness Center??

Thanks so much,
Judy of SC and MI (I happened by this Board by accident, and don't know if I can find my way back! If you wish, copy the reply to my email,
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