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Judy, I would think August 7 will be the Captain's welcome aboard party and that's the first formal night. Your second will probably be on August 12 when you're at sea and the third will most likely be on August 16 because you sail out of Portofino at 2pm---that will also be the farewell party. Are you sure they didn't tell you how many nights of each you'll have? On the cruise document that lists your ports and departure times for each port, they usually have a place on the right hand side of the page that lists how many formal, informal and casual nights there are on your cruise. It's been that way on all 12 of my Crystal cruises. I just did the 29 day final leg of the world cruise this past April and we had 6 formal, 12 informal and the rest casual. From looking at your itinerary, my best guess would be that your stops in Florence and Monte Carlo would be casual because you leave those ports so late, your overnight in Barcelona will probably be casual also. I would also say that your informal nights could be in Sorrento, Corfu and Dubrovnik.
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