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Default Re: Crystal Symphony - Panama

Thanks for the response, Renee'. We are booked and ready to go now. In reading different reviews, I think this will be a wonderful cruise to remember. We loved it on the Brillance of the Sea and it sounds as if this cruise will prove to be even better. I've never taken 2 weeks off from my job, so this will be fun. We just returned in January from an 8-night Mexican Riveria cruise and I'd do it again, but not in January. The weather where we'll be going is much more to my liking.

The Symphony is still really, really empty though. I guess that's just more caviar for you and me!

We too are staying at the Costa Rica Marriot, but we're arriving on the 11th and also taking their transfers so we'll be on the same group tour bus.

We were quoted $142/night at the Marriot and transfers were $70.00 each. We also got a $200 shipboard credit. I think overall we got a great deal on the cruise rate. They are running a 20% discount if booked by February 28th. Might check w/your agent to see if you can get those perks too. Maybe these specials are happening because of the lack of interest. It's okay by me.

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