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Default Re: Crystal Symphony - Panama

HI Guys!

Thanks for the note back! I hope you receive this.

I was wondering if you would mind telling me who you booked your cruise through?

I am really wondering why I was not offered the $200.00 shipboard credit?! I have read this offer on Travelocity's Web site where they advertise their cruise a great rate on our cruise...prepaid gratuities (I DID get that perk!) AND a $600.00 gift card to Target!!! WOW...what a deal. I wish I had booked through them!
It is probably too late for me to ask my travel agent...The Cruise Professionals...(who I also found on the internet.) Is your agent a member of a special group that offers specials to their customers? I would love to find a good travel agent.

Also, How can you tell how full the cruise is? Is there a web sight that shows the booking numbers so far? I would be interested in knowing how to find that info!

Well, tomorrow I will call my travel agent through The Cruise Professionals and see what she can offer that I have booked though her...she probably will offer me nothing more I am afraid! That is frustrating.

It sounds like you have a good agent, so if you wouldn't mind sharing that with me, I would appreciate it!
PS...I am paying a lot more than you are for my one night pre-cruise stay and transport as well! Perhaps it is because I am traveling solo?!
My husband tells me to stop thinking about this and not to have "Buyers Remorse" Over what I paid for my cruise! It is kind of hard for me to let it go! The Shipboard credit could have helped me a lot with paying for my shore excursions!

Thanks alot for your help!
Looking forward to April!!!
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