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Default Re: Crystal Symphony - Panama

The agent we used is not with our regular travel agency. It was a number listed in the Wall Street Journal. They are located in Houston. I'm sure it's too late now to make any changes for you so I wouldn't worry about it either. I usually book all of our travel myself and avoid agencies when possible. I actually called that number 3x and got 3 different quotes. Finally I took the best quote and got the agent's direct number and email. So far, it's been great service from them.

We're thinking we might not stay at the Costa Rica Marriot for all 3 pre cruise days afterall. I'd prefer to go closer to the port area and see other sights.

You can go to Travelocity or Expedia and find the cruise we're on and see all of the open cabins. Quite a few remain. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I'd make the hubby go!
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