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E. Quien
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Default QE2 - What's not included, costs, QE2 finances onboard

Leaving NY Oct 7th for Southampton on the QE2 - 1st timers, 2 couples.

The other couple, w/o Internet access, is curious about what things one
has to pay for, specifically:

Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee.

Also, how much are they if not included, and

what do drinks cost ? We know they are extra.

I'm curious if we can pay for extras with US$. I was just
unpleasantly surprised when I saw the converted cost on my credit card
for a flat we're renting in London. Master Card used a good exchange
rate [the original charge was in GBP] and added 1% fee. That's OK,
but then, JPMorgan-Chase, the issuing bank, added 2% more - I
looked and that is what the card agreement says. Anyway we don't
have any non-Chase cards so paying for any extras on the QE2
with cash would be cool.

Are the extras on the QE2 priced in Pounds or Dollars.

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