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Default Re: Re: QE2 Daytime Dress

Funny you should mention it--we're staying at the Waldorf the night before the crossing! I hate jeans anyway! I do really dislike it when people feel the need to be super casual at all times, even when it is obviously not appropriate! It seems like every time we go out for a nice dinner there is some guy in a ball cap or a t-shirt and jeans. We usually fly standy (husband is airline pilot) so we always dress up when we fly. This time Cunard has confirmed tickets for our return and somehow the thought of not wearing something nice, even for the sake of comfort seems foreign to me. Our culture is sure changing! I'm thinking I'll just go get some comfier shoes for this trip and wear some of my more casual business clothing (pants, sweaters etc.) and I'll be safe with that! If only the time could pass quicker! I need a vacation!!!

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