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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

I find the $30 cover charge for Todd English dining quite unacceptable. $15 is the maximum I would expect to pay.

The camparison drawn between this charge and the cost of eating TE on land is irrelevant. Many people have paid $500 a night to be on the ship and to have use of the facilities, this extra charge reeks of profitering.

Will I pay it?.....and here's the crux.....Yes; but because I have to. I do not wish to miss out on the experience. I will however expect a high standard of service, choice and quality (and quantity) for this additional charge.

Other lines do charge for alternate dining, NCL costs about $10 I think. For this you do get better surroundings, food and service and I am willing to pay for that. NCL cruises cost $500-$2,000 though and Cunard cost $1,500-$26,000 so I feel there is a marked difference.

In the last year it has become very evident that Cunard is trying to make money at every turn. The costs of excursions has been cited in other posts also. As CruisePal comments : Where will this end?

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