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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

I was on THE maiden voyage and ate at TE twice, both times were wonderful, service excellent. I know of several other people who ate there numerous times (4+) and also had great meals.
Carnivore's assertion that people can only eat there once per cruise is BS and easily circumvented, unless they're going to institute some sort of ID check and frisking at the door, with lists, etc... are they going to try to tell me who I can and cannot invite to dine with me?
As to the surcharge - everyone I talked with, on the Maiden Voyage, commented that it wouldn't be long before there was a surcharge, but this was fast. Why didn't they just say that there was no surcharge for the maiden voyages, period? Are they going to charge less for the people who can't get reservations but decide to opt for the "bar" seating?
As for the pool-deck passage through the restaurant - yes - EXTREMELY poor planning - supposedly they have a sign now saying passage is not permitted, but everyone's ignoring it.
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