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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

No such thing as hate email:-) No, I'm not in love with Celebrity or any cruise line, I just love to cruise and it's also part of my job.. However, the point I was making in my post was the fact that you have a ship that cost 800M to build, you staff it in a half assed fashion, you lose crew you can't afford to lose and who suffers for it? The people (like me) and you in April who pay very good money to travel on what has been billed as the most luxurious liner ever built! The point is direct. We are not guinea pigs for Cunard, Carnival or any other cruise line. I'm not paying for a cruise to part of a focus group for Cunard. Think about it? Hundreds, if not thousands of fare paying passengers will pay millions to travel on this liner. There's not another March 6th sailing for me. What about those who saved for two years or more to take this trip of a lifetime? What do you tell them..."oh look at the glass as half full, not half empty". No way! Cunard will take its licks in the press and from the fare paying public. No doubt, I'm going with an open mind and no doubt, will have fun on this trip. However, call a spade a spade. Look at some of the other posts and tell me that $30.00 does not mean something to those who paid for their trip and then found out they have to pay TE an alternate dining fee. Look at what it costs just to connect to net on this ship! Do you know that other cruise lines charge a flat fee of $100.00 per cruise to access the net 24/7 from your cabin for one week and I have to pay $480.00 for ten days and that's not even 24/7 access, that's for limited use.
Do you think it's a good idea to automatically charge tips upfront to the passengers? I'll let you in on a little secret. When you set up a pre-tipping policy, the crew has absolutely no incentive to work any harder, provide exceptional service or go out of their way for any passenger. Point in fact. Read some of the posts on other QM2 boards and you'll learn that passengers have to fake a heart attack for attention on this ship. Ever been on a Carnival cruise? I have, just once, wrote the review and begged my editor to never send me again. Ever traveled on Holland America? Reviewed the Zuiderdam and let me tell you that they have NO clue what they're doing. One common thread runs through, they're all owned by Carnival Corporation. And I'll close with one more item, I have boiled RCCL on two major stories and I don't play favorites, I just tell it like it is.
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