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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

Thank you Jim. The Carnivalization of Cunard is what will be the downfall of the QM2 and any ship that follows her by Carnival. Let's keep in mind that Cunard was ailing before Carnival took over and the line was losing money. Carnival thinks it can restore the greatness of ocean liner travel, however, they already fell short of the goal line. Let's also remember that the QM2 is the largest ocean liner in the world and RCCL has the largest "cruise" ships in the world. RCCL has the bucks to build the next largest cruise ship in the world coming out in 2006. Carnival is known for its cheap cruises, sub-standard service and questionable food. However, you get what you pay for and those who travel on Carnival either love it or hate it. Now, those who travel on the QM2 will either love or hate it, there will be no in between. RCCL could have saved Cunard as well, however, they knew to stay away from her as they know what works, know the market they're catering to and did not want to venture into unchartered waters. Carnival has gotten themselves into something that may cost them quite a bit of money and which may very well cause the demise and/or takeover of the line. Carnival also did not listen to those who operated Cunard, as they could not afford to do so. You have the upper management of Carnival operating a world class ocean liner (go figure). I believe they should have built a smaller ship first (like the Queen Victoria) and used that ship as their business model to build on for the future of the QM2. They could have also refitted the QE2 for less money and even set the standard for the entire industry. However, the need to be the biggest, the most grand, the best and fastest at sea, overshadowed what the market would bear. Lines such as RCCL are in a position to punch out the likes of a Carnival, as they've become an 800 lb. gorilla and can now move forward to sell their cabins at higher rates, as Cunard will have to maintain the already inflated ticket price on the QM2 thus, shifting increased business to RCCL and other cruise lines. We use the term "Cunard" as if they exist at this point and time and we both know that they no longer exist, just the brand name remains. However, you can't build on a brand name which is losing it's luster under a Carnival tent.
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