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John O
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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining


You have obviously not been on a Carnival cruise in a few years. If you had, you would know that the quality of their food and service is outstanding. I cruise primarily on the luxury lines (Seabourn, SeaDream, SilverSeas, Crystal), so know good food & service. Having recently returned from a Carnival cruise with family and friends (it was certainly not my choice) I was blown away by the cruise experience. I've since learned that Carnival spends more per passenger on food than any other cruise line out there. And this is the cruise line that you deem so contemptible.

I'm sick to death of people bagging on Carnival Corp as if they are the evil wizards of the cruise industry. This is the company that has been the saving grace of many a floundering cruise line. And for those who don't know it, Carnival Corp does NOT impose it's Carnival brand business practices or philosophies on the other cruise lines under its umbrella. They are all operated as stand-alone companies. So to say that Cunard (or Princess or Holland America for that matter) has been "Carnivalized" is just sheer ignorance.

CruisePal, I don't know what organization you work for as a "professional" cruise critic, but after reading so many of your reviews all I hear is a bunch of sour grapes.
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