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I guess the automated tipping is just one area of concern. I've read a few posts from people who sailed the during the past few weeks and they feel uncomfortable asking for an additional portion of food let alone going down to the pursers desk and asking them to remove the automated tipping charges from ones account. I think that the people just don't fit the ship or is it other way around. Maybe in a society that now looks at gross spending as something of the past, economy becomes the norm. When I cruise I like to take just a few outfits and not feel like I have to dress up or down. I'm on vacation and just don't want to be bothered looking my best for strangers. I don't want to feel like I'm on display or have to dress a certain way just because the look of ship dictates what I should do or not do. yes, I have cruised on NCL for freesytle cruising and it's a good experience. I've looked at the interior pictures of the QM and I'm impressed but notice that the pictures which include passengers look out of place as though the passengers do not belong in the picture with sweeping drapes and beautiful furniture. Maybe QM is ahead of its time or just too late on this one. Hey, opinions are great but everyone has one. CruisePal is obviously going on this ship and I will read what CruisPal has to say as it's first hand. I'm smart enough to read between the lines. As for bashing Cunard, it seems everyone is doing that on all the boards I'm reading. People seem upset and pissed off over the Todd English surcharge and maybe they should take some heat on that one as some people can't really afford $30.00 per person. Some people budget (like me) and we can only do so much. I know I would not be able to afford todd english dining with four people at 120. and afford an excursion the next day. Would I have eaten in the todd english, sure I would have if they let you experience it for free as it was suppose to be from day one.
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