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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

John O,

No need to get so bent out of shape. One would think you speak from the corporate board room of Carnival. Spinning the story is not my style but obviously "spinning" is a corporate practice and I believe that's what I'm reading in your post. You speak with authority concerning Carnival and quite frankly I hope you do work for Carnival and that your'e reading all of the reviews concerning QM2. If you're not an employee of Carnival, I apologize and if you are... I sincerely apologize. I have lived with spinning stories from just about every cruise line you can imagine, I have received telephone calls and emails concerning what I write and what I have said on national television concerning the Norwalk Virus and how I beleive if a ship is sick, it's sick, don't send out a few thousand more to get sick and dummy up your CDC reports so that your number of sick passengers fall just short of the reporting requirements imposed by CDC. If every other cruise line in the world can take their licks, so can Carnival, no one is immune to criticism. Additionally, if I'm impressed by QM2, it will make my review much more meaningful and carry more impact. Have I pre-judged QM2? Absolutely not! I've made a list and will check it out twice - once onboard. If what I have written thus far is untrue, I will correct myself to all of you on this board and the general cruise buying public. If the ship is not up to par and is a total disaster, it will be another blight against QM2 and you can take it, leave it, throw it away or just chalk it up to a mad reviewer. What I don't understand is the position some are taking that would make it seem like we've all got a stake in whether this ship succeeds or fails. We don't own Carnival (unless you have some stock) and we certainly should ALL expect the best service and excellent food that Cunard has fed the cruise buying public in their press releases. Are we not tired of being lied to? Are we not fed up with sub-standard service? Think about it. This board is riddled with all sorts of jibes against this ship and the majority of us have spent a great deal of money to cruise on her (look at me, I'm calling QM2 "her" and personalizing a vessel:-) and what we really fear is that we've had this great build up for nothing. We don't want read or listen to bad news about this puppy and some are probably sitting at their computers with their fingers in their ears signing LALALALALALALA.
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